Thaai Pregnancy Care course is a must for any pregnant women! I feel lucky I found it!!

Words are insufficient to explain my gratitude to Vishnu Priya. I'm one of the lucky beneficiaries to have a normal delivery post attending Vishnu's antenatal classes.
This complete exercise practice truly addresses the unique needs of pregnancy. All exercise poses covered during the course are highly beneficial for every pregnant woman expecting a normal delivery! Vishnu's desires to teach, give and express compassion are so beautiful that once you're done with every single session, you just feel elevated, hopeful and happy.
A thoughtful, comprehensive class with a nice selection of postures with an intuitive flow to the sequence. The progression from one pose to another, one exercise to another, makes complete sense and I felt my body and my mind to release stress gradually on a deeper and deeper level, to end up feeling at the same time completely relaxed, recharged and inspired to get into my day. Vishnu explains everything in very clear steps so it's super easy to follow/practice. It's a perfect class to do at home!
What made me most comfortable would be, I was completely made aware of all that's to be expected during the entire pregnancy course and her sessions gave me a perfect mindset to handle any stuff without panics (I think that's most important for a pregnant woman).
Especially, her priceless advice to be mindful on taking deep breaths during the time of delivery helped me to deliver my little prince with bearable pains. Again, my HEARTFELT THANKS to Vishnu Priya and I wish her all the very best for her future endeavors:)

Vishnu’s Thaai Pregnancy Care course is a gem! Thoroughly recommend!!

This is a much needed class for anyone who is planning to have a baby.!!

The preconception classes was very helpful..Especially the nutrition and facts about ovulation was very informative. This is a much needed class for anyone who is planning to have a baby.

-Priyanka Gopal, Coimbatore

Thanks is a small way of expressing my gratitude to Vishnu..I must say I was completely down when I was trying to have a baby for past one year.We went to doctor visits regularly and they insisted that we both were normal and nothing to worry.When it was almost a year I started feeling desperate and helpless.That was when I heard about Vishnu through my relative.I hardly came with hope.I thought what big change is this going to make.But the very first session changed that impression. The way she spoke, the way the class proceeded was an eye opener..all this was what I wanted to hear these many days.. Slowly I build trust on her and my visits to her became regular.It has been three months since I met her, now I am conceived..I must say she made me so much relaxed and brought in a positive mindset..Thank you so much Vishnu..

-Rukmini Pandiaraj,Coimbatore

I attended Thaai pregnancy classes close to my delivery. Thought medicine today is far better we as a mother always have fear for child birth as its never my pain alone, my baby has to travel safe to first breath...
This confidence to face our delivery with charm is so rare...
Been a mother of a 9 yr old boy, I never was so sure if I will deliver normal or again under go a c-section.
But the day I involved myself with meditation the first day ....felt so sure of expressing willingness to deliver in charm...

The way in which the meditation took over our inner soul was so positive wave entering the galaxy of new experience on the whole....
She made me feel my day of delivery, how it will proceed on my mind and my heart went along....
Meditation is a perfect boost for any expecting mom.
Thanks to wonderful mom vishnupriya for making a mom to be experience so blissfull...

-Mangai Kumar,Muscat, Oman

Happy to say vishnumy spouse has delivered baby gal. We feared so much bcoz our 1st baby was C-section. The doc has given date for her C-section on dec10.But she delivered normally on Nov 28th ,Your online classes helped lot throughout pregnancy and also during labor.. Your exercise and Visualization helped a lot.Together we have achieved.

-AnandRenganathan,Lewistown, Pennsylvania,USA

Hi tis s ramyaarunkumar... thanks alot for the pregnancy class...am a asst prof n microbiology..though am was not bold enough to face labourpain..tis helped alot n I gv birth to a boy baby...it was very useful for my normal delivery... my sis n sis n law was pregnant like me.. thy both delivered babies by c section.. I was scared of labor pain..aft attending d meditation class n pregnancy exercises I was happy n got ready for my labour.. exercise breathing gv hands to bear my labour pain... breast feeding class was also useful for me....


A special thanks to you Vishnu for your great job. Your guidance for labor was really helpful. We went to Apollo cradle at 10 a.m and she gave birth at 11.45a m normally. Doctors appreciated her for being calm and co-operative. We really owe a big treat to you.. Thanks again

-Praveen Kumar,Chennai