Fertility Stress Test


Stress has become all too familiar in our modern society. While stress is necessary and considered normal in response to challenges or threats, excessive stress can lead to a serious compromise in physical and mental well being.

A Self Assessment Fertility Stress Test

What follows is a series of questions that attempts to get an overall picture of the level of stress you are currently experiencing. This questionnaire consists of 15 questions. Please read each carefully, and decide on the degree of change you have felt over the past year. Assign a numerical value (1- 5) accordingly.

Once you’ve completed, total your scores and read about possible stress indicators. You may prefer to print these pages for your convenience. Print Version (PDF)

1 = No change
2 = Little change
3 = Fair change
4 = Significant change
5 = Great deal of change

  1. Do you tire easily?
    1 5
  2. Are questions people asking you more irritating?
    1 5
  3. Are you working harder, and accomplishing less?
    1 5
  4. Are you increasingly more cynical and disenchanted?
    1 5
  5. Do you feel sad often?
    1 5
  6. Are you forgetting appointments, deadlines or personal possessions more frequently?
    1 5
  7. Are you increasingly more irritable, short tempered or disappointed?
    1 5
  8. Are you seeing close friends and family less frequently?
    1 5
  9. Are you too busy to do even routine things like make phone calls?
    1 5
  10. Are you suffering more from physical ailments such as aches, pain, headaches or insomnia?
    1 5
  11. Do you feel more disoriented when the days activity come to a halt?
    1 5
  12. Does joy seem more elusive, hard to pin down?
    1 5
  13. Are you less able to laugh at a joke about yourself?
    1 5
  14. Does sex seem like more trouble than it’s worth?
    1 5
  15. Do you have less to say to people?
    1 5

Total Score:

15 Questions Left

    If your score is between:

    15- 25 YOU'RE DOING FINE

    Prevention is smart tactic regarding your health. Re examine those questions you rated highest (4 & 5 ratings) and try to take small steps towards some problem solving strategies.

    You might consider speaking to a professional regarding how best to manage and reduce your current life stressors. The Mind Body Behavioural Medicine Fertility Program is highly recommended.

    You are experiencing a significant level of stress. If you feel that you are coping well in spite of the test results, you might want to check with someone who knows you well (such as your spouse) to get a second opinion. If you agree with the test results it is highly recommended that you speak with a professional such as your doctor or other health care professional who sepecializes in stress management. You might have become more stressed out while reading the questionnaire above. That’s very normal. You are stressed because you can’t conceive, which makes you more stressed. And ironically, stress can make you even less likely to conceive. And that of course stresses you out more. This process can spiral on endlessly, unless you learn to break the cycle of stress. The Mind/Body Fertility program teaches you how to break the cycle.

    Periodic Self Assessment

    Fertility treatment can be a seductive roller coaster and knowing when to stop or simply take a break for a month or two is important. You might consider doing this assessment three times a year to check in with yourself periodically to make sure you are still feeling committed to continue the fertility journey and treatments! Keep your previous scores recorded on the paper and date, so you can do some accurate comparisons. Please remember nothing is more important than your mental health. Having a child is a worth while goal but it should not be at any price, emotionally, physically or spiritually.