Pre conception


Preconception care can make a positive difference to your health and the health of your child. More and more evidence points to the fact that the way we were nourished and grew in our mother’s womb can have an important impact on your health as an adult. It is now popular to seek information and health care prior to trying to conceive a baby. This seeking of information can help prepare you physically and emotionally for pregnancy and parenthood.

Pre conception:

The aim of preconception care is to prepare your body for pregnancy, birth and beyond. This preparation ideally should occur for at least four months prior to trying to fall pregnant. If this is not possible, try for at least one month preparation. Preconception care improves your chances of falling pregnant more easily, having a healthy pregnancy and health baby and aiding recovery after the birth

The Program

  • Ovulation :the key to conception
  • Essential Nutrition for conception
  • Exercise
  • Myths of conception
  • Pregnancy
Effective parenting is essentially to raise your child to have a well-functioning personality and become an adult who is balanced, responsible, confident, and a productive citizen.