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A celebration of womanhood in all its forms and stages of life! Through support and education a woman can realise her conception and birthing dreams. The courses allow the woman and her partner to bring the focus back to themselves; to give themselves permission to celebrate their unique relationship and birthing preferences. These are special life events not just purely medical and biological happenings. We all have feelings and they affect our experiences by the choices we make. We offer parents clarity on what they feel is right for them; thus allowing them to relax and feel confident about their decisions.

What We Do

PRE CONCEPTION This preparation ideally should occur for at least four months prior to trying to fall pregnant (Read More)
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ANTENATAL A unique class in which you can spend a couple of hours dedicated to talking “all things pregnancy and birth”. This is often the first opportunity that partners get to really consider their changing role and to understand the changes their partner is going through in pregnancy.(Read More)
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FERTILITY SUPPORT Whether you're struggling to conceive and stressed, or now shifting your focus to motherhood but feeling confused, know this: Life can be so much better than you imagine rightnow. With our support you will discover what is truly possible for you and you will navigate the path towards creating your family.(Read More)
Boston IVF Baby
HYPNOBIRTHING Hynobirthing helps to have a calm, unmedicated childbirth. The increasingly popular mind-body technique among parents seeking a natural birthing experience with more patient control and less pain than existing methods.(Read More)


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