About Us


Dear moms and expecting moms and future moms — please hear this little tidbit and chew it up and let it sink right into your bones: your mothering mantra can't be, “I am a perfect mom.” That would be ridiculous, unattainable and depressing. But your mothering mantra should be, “I am the perfect mom for my kids.” And guess what? You are one,too.
We provide support for you and your baby through knowledge,compassion and dignity.

About VishnuPriya

VishnuPriya is a practicing Master Hypnotherapist, Member of National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists USA. She is an Internationally certified Birth Educator, Fertility Therapist and Hypnobirthing practitioner. She is a certified Reiki, Reflexologist, AcuTouch and Varma practitioner.

Her own birthing experience has fascinated her and brought her in the field of Conception and birthing. While she was practicing in UK, her focus in the field of natural Conception and Birthing blossomed. She has assisted couples in UK, USA and India to enhance their fertility and also to have wonderful and peaceful birthing experience.

About Thaai

When it comes to your fertility and your path to motherhood,we care as much about YOU and your journey to get there, as we do about the successful end result. If you’ve been trying to conceive for some time you may feel you have tunnel vision towards achieving your dream. Perhaps you’ve been so laser focused that you, your life and your love have been pushed to the side lines in the pursuit of motherhood.

Fertility issues and challenges of all kinds can bring out some of our most powerful emotions. You feel there MUST be another way as you know that stress is not only horrible to experience, but it also isn’t nurturing your health and your fertility.

Perhaps you’re wondering is it really time to become a mother? "How will it impact on my life, my relationship, my career?" Some of the change that children bring to our lives can feel scary or uncertain.

You want to ensure that you are truly ready for this new chapter in your life.

However you choose to travel the path to motherhood, good support which is nurturing, non-judgmental, gives you space to think and ponder, and aides you with the ways to transform emotions and connect to your inner strength and wisdom which is ESSENTIAL. This is why THAAI exists.

It’s time to take stock of where you are, re-focus on where you want to be, and find the easiest and most enjoyable path to that point. Women - and the occasional man - seek out our support for many and varied reasons. No two fertility journeys are the same, and the way we tailor and weave our support around and through your story will be totally unique to you.

Our society has taken childbirth and medicalised it, placed fear around it and forgotten that all women do have an innate knowledge, (whether they know it or not) of birthing. We teach from a realistic, honest, empowered and often humorous place. Our classes do not guarantee a perfect birth at the end, but encourage women to have an open mind and understand that childbirth is a profound rite of passage. Medical input can be incorporated into this philosophy when appropriate, but need not be taken away from the significance of this journey.

Our sessions are small and informal (around 6-8 couples) and we have witnessed wonderful and supportive friendships blossoming in our classes that have lasted beyond birthing and into motherhood.

We need nothing less than a revolution in our attitudes towards conception, pregnancy, birth and parenting to attain the near prefect knowledge of childbirth which women’s body already has.

We provide support for you and your baby through knowledge, compassion and dignity.